For Insurance Professionals

Amigo MGA understands the necessity of insurance throughout the United States and aims to provide quality coverage lines, unparalleled customer service, and highly competitive rates for those who have difficulty obtaining insurance coverage. Amigo MGA has been recognized for its efforts in providing its agents with opportunities to succeed and grow, delivering admitted, A.M. Best rated, personal auto lines, along with innovative systems and processing.

In midst of the 2009 rainy season in Florida, Amigo MGA was founded with the mission to restore Florida’s insurance market. Since then, the agency has expanded into several other states, throughout the Southeast, Midwest, and West Coast. In today’s insurance market, it is highly beneficial to know that you have a stable and reliable managing general agency who can not only provide exceptional products, but can give you the most competitive rates and incomparable customer service to fulfill each and every one of your personal auto needs, which is exactly what Amigo MGA does.

In addition, Amigo MGA offers a personalized approach to underwriting and marketing by focusing on agent relationships and community building, instead of automated systems. The Amigo MGA team is not only knowledgeable and well-trained in the insurance industry, but also recognized for their ability to provide excellent, personalized customer service and expedient processing. Amigo MGA, by upholding outstanding customer service and detail-oriented underwriting, strives for agent ease of use and a mutually profitable relationship.

Amigo MGA prides themselves on agent partnership and expert industry insight. To this day, the Amigo MGA continues to work on finding new, long-term solutions to benefit our agents and insureds. Amigo MGA endeavors to be the primary provider of Personal Private Passenger Auto insurance services, products, and solutions throughout the United States.