Best Practices: Email Marketing


Email has become one of the main methods of communication in the business world. Whether you are communicating within your office or sending an email across the world, it has become a form of communication that brings us together.

Email is also an integral component of any marketing campaign, yet many marketers struggle when it comes to optimizing their brand’s potential through this channel. When composing an email — be it an e-newsletter, promotion, transactional email or announcement — there are a few best practices to follow.

Email Best Practices:

Subject Line

  • Keep it under 50 characters
  • Including incentives in the subject line can increase your open rates by 50% !!!
  • 35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line

Call to Action

  • Only use a single call to action per email
  • Don’t hide it inside an image, because your audience may miss it.
  • Call to action should be as big bold and obvious as possible
  • 55% of recipients will forward emails with promotions and coupons


  • Include images when appropriate
  • Make sure they are sized properly
  • When images are too big, they can significantly slow down the load time, causing people to potentially delete the message before even reading it
  • Place your logo in the top left corner
  • Less text brings the reader to your call-to-action sooner


  • Only deliver relevant information to consumers
  • Segment your email lists by interest

Mobile Optimization

  • Make sure your emails are always optimized for mobile devices
  • 70 million US consumers check email on mobile devices and this rate is constantly increasing

Email Regularly

  • Always email from the same address
  • Don’t overdo it
  • 47% of recipients opt-out because of receiving too many emails
  • Give subscribers the option to receive mobile optimized email

After considering all the factors listed here, always remember to test your emails thoroughly on all devices to make sure it is compatible. It is also a good idea to run a few tests on different emails that relay the same message, to see what your customers are best responding to.