Benefits of Drivers Education

Many benefits come with enrolling in driver’s education (or enrolling your children and loved ones in a course). Some of them are obvious, as many states now require a course for people under a certain age before they can attempt to get their license.

Other benefits may take more thought, but they are still critical to a safe driving experience. Let’s take some time to talk about all of the benefits of taking a driving education course.

Practical Preparation

Part of driver’s education is getting student drivers ready to take and pass their tests. It gives them the practical experience they need and a solid understanding of the laws and risks that they need to be aware of.


Learning to drive a car can be intimidating. A car is the largest vehicle they will ever be in control of for most people. That can be scary. However, diving headfirst into a driver’s ed course can help give people more confidence over the situation. It’s easier to feel confident about something we properly respect and understand.

Rules of the Road

There are hundreds of laws and rules of the road that one must learn and follow. Some of these rules may feel second nature. But many require a proper explanation, especially for those that have never been on the road before. Instructors also educate students on driving etiquette and other potential safety concerns.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Attending a driver’s education course helps ease the burden on one’s wallet. Teen drivers are the most expensive group to insure, but a targeted course can help reduce those premiums.

Hazards and Risks

Drivers ed does more than teach students the laws of driving. It teaches them about potential hazards they may face on the road. This includes risks such as driving under the influence, distractions within the car, and potential dangers on the road. 

Many instructors also believe in teaching students about defensive driving. This is a form of driving where one always strives to avoid accidents. Usually, it requires the driver to be aware of their vehicle, other cars on the road, and any other potential concerns – including environmental changes.